August - Urban

September - Portrait

October - Minimalism

November - Blue Hour

December - Choose two composition rules 

(Leading lines, curves, rule-of-thirds, golden ratio, etc.)

Photography Contests

1. Each month the Roanoke Camera Club has a theme based competition.

2. The competition is open to Club members in good standing.

3. Unless otherwise specified by notice from the president, images for competition shall meet the following requirements:

a. Images must be in digital format.

b. Images should be no greater than 1920 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high. Neither width nor height can be exceeded. For example if the width causes the height to exceed 1200 pixels then reduce the width.

c. Images should be in jpeg format, in baseline standard format and not greater than 2 mb in file size.
      (Images should be in sRGB or Adobe RGB color profile.)

d. (1) Except as provided below, the image submitted for competition must be a photograph taken by the member submitting it. A member may use computer editing techniques to modify the photograph in such a way that when viewed by others it can still reasonably be considered to be the photograph taken by the member. This includes techniques based on AI (artificial intelligence). The Competition Committee shall have the right to disqualify any image submitted which does not comply with this section. The Competition Committee may also request that the member submit additional information to verify compliance with this section. The additional information requested may include a copy of the original photograph taken by the member to include the metadata in the photograph.

(2) If the photograph is a composite image, all images used in the composite must have been taken by the member submitting it. Members may remove things from a photograph without limitation. Members may add things to a photograph as long as the things added are from a photograph(s) taken by the member submitting the photograph.

(3) The Competition Committee may from time to time propose a competition category which will specifically allow things in an image not otherwise allowed by this paragraph.

4. Once an entry has won first place it may not be submitted in future competitions.

5. Only one entry may be submitted per month per Club member.

6. The Competition Committee shall be appointed by the President as provided in the Bylaws.

a. Monthly categories for competition shall be established by the Competition Committee.

b. The procedure for entry of images for competition each month shall be determined by the Competition Committee. Unless otherwise provided, images should be emailed to the webmaster by midnight on the Sunday before the meeting at the address stipulated in the notice from the President.

c. The procedure for viewing and scoring of competition entries and how the results are presented to the membership shall be established by the Competition Committee.

7. The following guidelines shall be used to judge and score entries in the monthly Club Competition.

a. The judging and scoring of competition entries shall be done only by members in good standing.

b. Competition images shall be judged in Four Criteria:

(1) Technique - focus, depth of field, lighting, color rendition, white balance, exposure.

(2) Composition - the arrangement of all elements within the image so the subject matter is presented as a harmonious, well-balanced


(3) Impact - a combination of imagination, subject selection, and subject presentation. This is sometimes called the “wow” factor.

(4) Category - how well the image represents the category established for that month’s competition.

c. After having considered each criteria listed above, a judge shall score each image in a range of one (1) to nine (9). A score of five (5) shall be given to an image with no significant flaws, but likewise no significant strengths. If there are significant flaws, a judge shall score the image accordingly in the range of four (4) to one (1). Likewise, if there are significant strengths, a judge shall score the image accordingly in the range of six (6) to nine (9).

Special Rule: If a judge feels that an image has completely failed to represent the category established for that month, the judge may give the image a score of zero (0). Care should be exercised by a judge when doing this.​


The competition theme for July was Humor.

Competition Rules

Roanoke Camera Club 
(Effective January 1, 2024)