Photography Contests



Each month we have a themed based competition for members of the Roanoke Camera Club.

- The competition is only open to club members in good standing.
- Images must be digital.
- Images should be emailed to Mark Deardorff by midnight  the Sunday before the meeting.

- Images need to be no greater than 1920 wide x 1200 high.  Neither width nor height can be exceeded. For example if the width causes the height to exceed 1200 then reduce the width.

- Images should be in jpeg format and in baseline standard format and not be greater then 1.25mb in size.
- Once an entry has won first place it can not be submitted in future competitions.
- Only one entry can be submitted per month per club member.

The competition theme for August was Storytelling -

an image that evokes a story.


September - Foggy morning

October - On the water

November - Leaves close up and personal - image showing leaves but no landscapes

December - Reproduce a likeness of a famous painting - pick a painting by a famous artist and submit an image like that painting.  Also submitt a photo of the painting include the artists name.