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Fun People with a Passion for Photography... and we would love to have you join us.

The Roanoke Camera Club is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of social and educational enhancement through photography.

Our club is a not for profit group comprised of novice to advanced amateurs to professional photographers who share a love of photography. We enjoy learning from each other and sharing our photographic adventures at our monthly meetings.

We use digital photography as well as traditional photography and we share our experiences regarding photo-editing, lighting and other photographic techniques.

Most months we have a featured speaker with a unique presentation. Other​ months we may have a "shoot out" where members are given a topic and a limited time to make photographs in the vicinity of the meeting place. Usually the following month we will view the photographs made during the "shoot out".

Guests are welcome to visit the club and join us for an evening of fun, photography and camaraderie.

Organized in 1951, the Roanoke Camera Club was formed when a group of photographers put up some posters to gather interest.  By March of that year the club had their first meeting.  Meeting every two weeks they grew to thirty members by 1954.  

In August, 1978 Ewald-Clark, a photofinishing company and later a full service camera shop, offered the use of the rooms above its Church avenue location.  The club met there until the business became Ritz Camera in 2001.  

The club then moved to center in the Center in the Square and met in the Science Museum workshop room.  

In 2010, the Roanoke Camera Club moved its meetings to the auditorium of the O Winston Link Museum.

In January 2023 the Club moved to it's current location at 2nd Presbyterian Church, 214 Mountain Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016.